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How Orbica turned Pipedrive into the ultimate revenue-driving platform

Geospatial technology company Orbica provides cloud-native geospatial data management, analysis and viewing platforms for businesses around the world. Orbica’s goal is to empower organizations to make data-driven decisions with location intelligence from various data sources, including government data and sensor data.

To do this effectively, the company needed a multi-function CRM platform. The revenue team was already using Pipedrive, so head of revenue Philip Caunter took steps to onboard new add-ons and increase adoption.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Location: New Zealand
  • Key feature: Insights
Orbica and Pipedrive Case Study


Orbica has doubled its number of contacts since using Pipedrive


Orbica uses three Pipedrive add-ons: Campaigns, LeadBooster and Smart Docs


11 team members now use Pipedrive in various roles

The challenge Orbica faced

When Philip joined Orbica, the company wasn’t using a full-service CRM solution. The sales team accessed Pipedrive to track deals without exploring its contact management and reporting features.

Meanwhile, Orbica’s email marketing and sales processes were not fully connected, making it difficult to track the impact of email campaigns on sales.

Philip recognized that his team could centralize sales forecasting and make it more efficient by managing recurring revenue and sales reporting on one platform.

The team wasn’t using Pipedrive as a full-service CRM so didn’t have a good way to report on deals.

Philip CaunterHead of Revenue, Orbica

How Orbica gets the most out of Pipedrive

Philip has been using Pipedrive since 2013, so understands how best to leverage the CRM to his advantage. He’s also witnessed the long-term development of Pipedrive, including the launch of add-ons like Campaigns and Smart Docs. This has put him in a strong position to help Orbica make the most of the platform.

Orbica now manages leads, deals, email campaigns, forecasting, reporting, contracts and more on one platform, creating a seamless process and leading to considerable time gains.

Pipedrive’s automation features have also improved productivity, with Philip Caunter’s calendar and meetings now managed automatically within Pipedrive.

With Campaigns, we can design it, we can measure it, we can see who’s opening it each day. We can see people that moved companies in the bounce list – it’s all there in front of us. We’re always refreshing and improving our contact list and getting better messages to more people because we can see the impact of our email marketing campaigns.

Philip CaunterHead of Revenue, Orbica

Orbica Mapping the Earth

Orbica’s unique way of using Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s ease of use makes it accessible for both sales and marketing teams, but Philip ensures that all team members receive proper training in using the platform effectively. The initial training was focused on creating efficient sales processes and optimizing the use of Pipedrive’s features.

The revenue team now manages the whole sales process on Pipedrive, from lead generation to contract signing. Orbica also uses three types of lead forms on its new website: one for subscriptions, one for inquiries and another to download documents.

Pipedrive’s recurring revenue feature lets the Orbica team easily track subscription payments. Closing deals continues to be integral to the process, but Pipedrive makes it easy.

Some of our people are very good at having an open activity all the time to know that that’s the next thing they should do with the customer.

Philip CaunterHead of Revenue, Orbica

How Orbica plans to use Pipedrive even more

Thanks to increased adoption, Pipedrive now helps Orbica maintain a strong focus on moving deals along the sales pipeline, enhancing productivity and keeping salespeople engaged.

The company plans to expand the use of Pipedrive to additional teams, including the finance team, to further integrate sales processes with invoicing. Orbica also aims to continue leveraging Pipedrive’s features for improved customer engagement and sales growth.

Thanks to the successful implementation of Pipedrive as a centralized CRM, Orbica has been able to improve contact management, integrate email marketing and increase efficiency across its sales and marketing processes. With plans to expand its Pipedrive usage, Orbica is well-positioned for future growth and success.

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