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15 best CRM tools compared

CRM Tools
Your essential CRM toolkit: 15 powerful solutions for business growth
CRM programs for marketing
Free CRM tools for small businesses and Start-ups
CRMs in the United States: CRM tools with US server locations
Final thoughts: choose the best CRM software for your strategy

The market for top CRM tools is vast and diverse, with numerous options available. These tools vary significantly in features, industry suitability, orientation and pricing.

To simplify your search for the perfect CRM solution, we have comprehensively compared 15 of the best CRM tools.

What are CRM Tools?

CRM tools are software solutions that systematically capture a company’s customer data and make it centrally accessible: from contact information to customer history and data on interactions with marketing content. The meaning of CRM tools revolves around these functionalities, enabling businesses to manage and analyze customer interactions and customer data effectively.

Your essential CRM toolkit: 15 powerful solutions for business growth

The CRM market is continuously expanding and is projected to reach $163 billion by 2030, growing at an annual rate of 14%.

These figures highlight the need for modern CRM tools for businesses but which CRM solution is best for your company? Here are our top candidates.


With Pipedrive’s CRM, you can enjoy visual pipeline management, a chatbot for lead generation, various marketing and sales automation features and customizable dashboards.

The software is specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses, and the pipeline stages can be easily adjusted to your marketing and sales cycle with just a few clicks. Users particularly praise the tool’s user-friendliness and intuitive interface.

Drag and drop leads along the sales pipeline with the help of the AI Sales Assistant and ensure optimal contact timing. Pipedrive also offers an integrated email tool with customizable templates, making planning, setting up and automating campaigns easy.

Pipedrive CRM tool

You also have access to the mobile CRM and can use Pipedrive as an iOS or Android app. Its intuitive design makes the software particularly easy to use, ensuring you never lose sight of a deal.

Price: from $14 to $99


SAP’s CRM is a scalable solution that promises a personalized customer experience and is especially suitable for large enterprises. The tool can be tailored to different industries and teams, offering:

  • E-commerce solutions

  • Customer data solutions

  • Sales solutions

  • Service solutions

  • Marketing solutions

Pipedrive SAP CRM Tool

SAP’s Sales Cloud features an adaptable pipeline, workflow automations, an activity feed and customizable reports.

Price: available upon request

Google Workspace

Google Workspace provides businesses with several tools for creating basic contact management systems. However, it shouldn’t be confused with a traditional CRM system. Despite this, it is a solid foundation, particularly for teams with limited budgets.

Pipedrive CRM tool Google Workspcae

With a Google Workspace subscription, companies gain access to Google tools such as Gmail, Google Drive, Forms, Keep, Slides and other features.

Sales automations can be set up via macros in the spreadsheet tool Sheets, while newsletter campaigns and appointments can be organized using Gmail and Calendar.

For a more powerful CRM tool, connect Pipedrive with Google.

Price: from $6 to $18 plus custom pricing offers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

From lead acquisition to closing deals, sales teams can manage the sales process with the CRM tool Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Connecting to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator lets you generate new customers directly from social networks.

Pipedrive CRM tools Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Additionally, the system can be combined with an ERP solution to organize lead management and your supply chain from a central platform.

Price: from $65 to $135


SuperOffice provides a central platform that enables marketing, sales and customer support teams to collaborate effectively.

The system can be customized to meet varying requirements and includes AI features that improve customer information, allowing for quicker actions and improved planning.

Pipedrive CRM tools SuperOffice

A key feature of SuperOffice is the Customer Engagement Platform, designed for unique customer experiences. This CRM tool supports many aspects of customer relationship management, from syncing calendars to overseeing projects.

Price: from $52 to $320 plus custom pricing options


Salesforce offers customizable CRM solutions – Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud – to align with your business needs.

Each solution provides a strong foundation for contact data management and facilitates customer communication through marketing and workflow automation features.

Pipedrive CRM tools Salesforce

Opt for sales forecasting, email marketing, or a CRM ticketing system. Each Salesforce cloud features AI-powered CRM functionalities that simplify customer relationship management.

Price: from $25 to $500


Zendesk provides two distinct CRM solutions: Zendesk Sell for sales teams and a comprehensive customer service platform. Both are recognized for their intuitive interfaces and robust feature sets.

Pipedrive CRM tools Zendesk

Zendesk Sell empowers sales teams with real-time pipeline management and sales forecasting. The Zendesk customer service solution offers a full suite of tools, including a ticketing system and a self-service Help Center.

Price: from $55 to $155 plus custom pricing offers


SugarCRM enables Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams to collaborate throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

It offers a suite of specialized modules – Sugar Market, Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve – to address the unique needs of each department. Users can integrate their email and calendar tools for seamless communication and leverage automation features to simplify processes and improve productivity.

Price: available upon request


Keap is described as ideal for small businesses experiencing growth pains and looking to scale their processes sustainably. Its features include a wide range of automation possibilities that support both sales and marketing teams in optimizing workflows and driving efficiency.

Key features include automated follow-ups triggered by specific events and intelligent contact organization based on acquisition sources. The platform’s intuitive user interface further enhances its appeal, making it a user-friendly and powerful tool for businesses seeking to accelerate growth.

Price: from $249


Zoho CRM offers a unique feature that allows you to customize its design to align with your corporate branding.

Beyond aesthetics, the platform provides a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance customer relationships. Reach your target audience through various channels, including phone, email, live chat and social media. Leverage insightful data to pinpoint optimal communication timing and channels.

Zoho CRM’s automation capabilities facilitate repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for meaningful customer interactions. This focus on efficiency empowers your team to prioritize building solid and lasting relationships with clients.

Price: $15 to $79

CRM programs for marketing

The following CRM tools have features to help you with your marketing activities, including email campaigns, landing pages, web forms or social media integrations.

In addition to these core features, the CRM tools below often include advanced marketing automation, analytics and reporting capabilities, empowering marketers to organize processes, gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to optimize their campaigns.


Act! CRM offers a suite of marketing tools designed to drive customer engagement and growth.

Create personalized marketing campaigns, build targeted landing pages, automate workflows and prioritize tasks for optimal efficiency. Integration with email and calendar tools ensures that your communication and scheduling are always in sync.

The platform’s interactive dashboards provide useful insights into customer relationship management, enabling data-driven decision-making for marketing teams. The Sales Process Management module also offers a complete solution for sales teams to track and optimize their sales pipeline.

Price: from $19

Insightly CRM

Insightly CRM positions itself as the leading solution for building lasting customer relationships. It offers a suite of specialized CRM platforms tailored to Sales, Service and Marketing teams.

Each platform empowers users with workflow automation, email campaign management and comprehensive lead-nurturing capabilities throughout the customer journey.

Visual dashboards provide actionable insights for data-driven decision-making, while email templates simplify newsletter creation. Additionally, customizable forms enable the collection of valuable customer feedback, further enhancing customer engagement and understanding.

Price: $29 to $99

Campaigns by Pipedrive

Pipedrive has a powerful email marketing solution called Campaigns.

Combine Pipedrive with Campaigns to get all your sales and marketing needs served by one platform.

Campaigns offers an email builder with plenty of templates, insightful email analytics and email segmentation features to help you target leads and customers with personalized and persuasive messages.

Price: from $13

Free CRM tools for small businesses and Start-ups

Finding the best CRM tools for small businesses and start-ups within a limited budget might be challenging.. Fortunately, several CRM systems offer free versions with essential features to help manage customer relationships effectively without incurring high costs.

These free CRM solutions provide an excellent starting point for small businesses and start-ups, enabling them to build a solid foundation for their customer relationship management. As your business evolves, however, you’ll need to move to a paid plan to get the best solution.


HubSpot offers a suite of targeted solutions to enhance your business performance. The Marketing Hub empowers you to expand your brand’s reach through optimized landing pages and lead generation via live chat.

The Sales Hub streamlines your sales process, while the Service Hub enhances customer support with tools like ticketing and feedback management. All Hubs include robust analytics for tracking and analyzing customer relationship management, as well as customizable email templates and document management within the CRM.

The free version is limited, but can get you started with the basics of CRM.

Price: from $0


Freshsales CRM, developed by Freshworks, empowers sales teams with context-based insights and tools to create personalized customer interactions. It offers comprehensive deal management and seamless email integration, among other features that enhance productivity. Extensive automation options further streamline processes and improve sales effectiveness.

By capturing user information through web forms and utilizing Predictive Contact Scoring, businesses can identify and prioritize high-value leads. In addition to its core sales CRM, Freshworks offers the Freshsales Suite, a comprehensive solution that combines sales and marketing capabilities.

Price: from $0

CRMs in the United States: CRM tools with US server locations

Many popular CRM solutions offer US-based server locations, ensuring data compliance with US regulations and potentially faster data access for American companies. Some of the tools mentioned in this comparison that provide this option include:

  • Pipedrive

  • SAP

  • Hubspot

While not all providers in this list are based in the US, several offer the flexibility to host data in American data centers, catering to US-based businesses’ specific needs and preferences.

Final thoughts: choose the best CRM software for your strategy

Choosing the right CRM software is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your business’s success.

Modern CRM solutions offer the ability to send automated email campaigns, engage with customers through live chat and nurture leads at the optimal moment. Investing in a comprehensive CRM platform can simplify your sales process, enhance customer engagement and drive revenue growth.

A well-implemented CRM like Pipedrive empowers your team with the tools and insights needed to cultivate strong customer relationships, identify new opportunities and ultimately close more deals, ensuring no potential customer falls through the cracks.

Driving business growth