Pipedrive vs Base CRM

You’re in the final stages of choosing your sales CRM tool and you’ve narrowed it down to Pipedrive and Base. What do you do? How do you choose? Well, we’ve drawn up some comparisons between Pipedrive vs Base that you should consider when making the choice.

Feature set

sales management in Pipedrive lets you track leads, manage contacts, add activities to deals and automate emails. It’s simple to filter if you only want to see deals owned by a specific team member, or deals added this week. You can customize filters, sales pipeline stages, add custom fields and turn features on/off. The timeline view of sales lets you forecast your month, quarter or year, and the list view helps you sort data in an highly granular way.

Sales reporting in Pipedrive displays you up-to-date information about how each of your team members is doing, how your sales are split between different products and how productive your team is overall, when looking at pipeline metrics.

Pipedrive integrates with a ton of productivity applications, including Google Apps and Maps, MailChimp, PandaDoc, Yesware and many more.

Sales pipeline - the key to your sales success

While Base offers many features that are similar, one of the main differences is the sales pipeline view, which Pipedrive is built upon. While Base CRM lets build a custom sales pipeline just as Pipedrive does, it doesn’t visualize the experience, thus removing the option to focus on the deals that need immediate attention.

Pipedrive’s Pipeline View gets you to focus on the deals that are most important right now. The deal rotting feature in the Pipeline View colors all the deals that have been inactive for too long red. The activity reminder cues let you know visually if you have an activity planned with a contact, if you have an activity that was planned but not yet completed, or if you haven’t got one planned at all. This way you always know which deals require active handling right now.

Read more about sales pipeline management over here.

pipedrive pipeline view
Pipedrive vs. Base CRM logos


Now, both Pipedrive and Base are good looking tools. A lot of thought and effort has gone into the modern design and user experience. When it comes to driving deals from initial contact to close, however, the best way to never drop the ball is visualizing all your leads in a sales pipeline.


Pipedrive is priced at $12 per user, regardless of how many users you want to add. This gives you the full feature set, including lead tracking, sales reporting, all integrations, Pipedrive Mail page and multi-level permissions. Base is priced at $25 per user for a limited feature set, and $75 and $125 per users for a more complete and similar to Pipedrive feature set.

Mobile applications

Both Pipedrive and Base CRM have fully featured Android and iOS applications.

Pipedrive apps on both platforms are rated on average at 4.5 stars. Pipedrive’s mobile apps allow you to manage your sales on-the-go and even offline, so that you could manage your sales even when you’re travelling by plane or simply don’t have access to mobile data.


Pipedrive is also available in 10 different languages, while Base is currently available only in English.

Pipedrive vs Base CRM reviews

GetApp, the Gartner rating agency rates Pipedrive at 4.5 stars, while giving Base CRM the rating of 4.0 stars. Read about GetApp’s comparison over here.

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Pipedrive vs. Base CRM Comparison - Pipedrive
Pipedrive vs. Base CRM Comparison - Pipedrive