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Smart Docs Pro

Electronically sign your documents and share templates internally

Upgrade your Smart Docs from Basics to Pro to remove Pipedrive branding, easily collaborate with your team and request eSignatures from your clients to close deals faster. Add Smart Docs Pro to any Advanced plan subscription from $32.50 per month.

14-day Pipedrive CRM trial incl. Smart Docs Pro add-on

Company-wide documents and templates sharing

Provide your team immediate access to vital documents and templates to ensure seamless collaboration.

Seal deals with eSignatures

eSignatures lets your customers sign documents electronically without printing files or downloading plugins. By removing the hurdle of getting that final physical signature from a customer, you can close deals faster.

Remove Pipedrive’s logo from your team's documents

Streamline deal closing by allowing your customer to open and sign your documents. Remove Pipedrive’s logo to promote your business’s identity and remove friction.

Smart Docs Pro add-on

Share templates with other users in your team and ensure your documents are kept secure and accessible by setting company wide storage rules for OneDrive, Sharepoint or Google Drive. Close the deal by requesting e-Signatures and remove branding from documents you share with your clients.


Template sharing & storage rules

Unbranded documents


Template sharing & storage rules

Unbranded documents


per company per month, billed annually if added to an Advanced plan subscription
or $39 per company per month, billed monthly if added to an Advanced plan subscription

Smart Docs Pro add-on is free with a Professional or Enterprise plan subscription

Try Pipedrive CRM with Smart Docs Pro

No credit card required. 14-day trial.