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Pipedrive for Financial Services

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The Fastest Growing CRM for Financial Services

Pipedrive for Financial Services is Pipedrive tailored to the needs of your financial institution. Learn how a CRM solution boosts your sales, and why so many of the fastest growing and most efficient financial institutions rely on Pipedrive for Financial Services.

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • SBA Lenders
  • Fintechs
  • Financial Advisors
  • Insurance Agencies

Some of the markets we serve

Financial institutions of all sizes are using Pipedrive for Financial Services. Leaders in banking like Umpqua Bank, South State Bank and BBVA. Insurance agencies like The Insurance Center. Leasing companies like Financial Pacific Leasing. Fintechs like Shore Funding Solutions. As well as SBA lenders, mortgage lenders and financial advisors all over the world.


Business & SBA Lenders

Thousands of bankers can’t be wrong when they say they love using Pipedrive for banking.
Pipedrive’s banking-specific financial services (commercial, business, SBA, loan origination, retail, treasury, private banking) are used by some of the most prestigious banks in the world.


Insurance Agents

Our insurance clients sell a wide range of protections, including property and casualty, life, health, and crop insurance, to name a few. Pipedrive seamlessly integrates with your online quoting and agency management systems.


Mortgage Lenders

Pipedrive is designed to integrate with all popular mortgage origination systems, customer application portals and other similar apps.


Wealth Management & Financial Advisors

With multiple pipelines for insurance, trust, investments, financial planning and lending, Pipedrive is the perfect way for advisors and groups to manage wealth more effectively.



Pipedrive is used by some of the most successful fintechs — in small business lending, insurance and wealth management, as well as a wide variety of other applications.


How it works

Pipedrive was created by salespeople, for salespeople. Designed to work seamlessly with your existing tools, it’s easy to learn and even easier to use — and our native mobile app ensures you’ll always have your finger on the pulse, no matter where you are.

When it comes to financial services, we’ll provide you with a team of experts offering a full set of professional services, including systems integration, configuration, proactive support and training. Combine all that expertise with best practice pipeline and workflow configurations that were specifically designed for each aspect of financial services.

Each configuration includes a powerful ecosystem (API connector library) of apps and a data platform that integrates your entire sales stack.

API connector library

for integration with popular systems and apps

  • All bank core processors
  • Most loan originations systems
  • Most mortgage origination systems
  • All popular apps related to banking, mortgage, insurance and wealth management
  • Third party data import (Vertical IQ, PropertyRadar, D&B Hoovers, social media)

A powerful data platform

to integrate your sales stack and provide custom reports, dashboards, analytics for individual markets with best practice report templates and inter-stack communications (alerts and notifications)

  • Custom reports, dashboards and analytics
  • Customer 360 profiles
  • Mortgage & loan tracker
  • Data mart with automated data import tools
  • Customer analytics
  • Lead generation, scheduling, loading, tracking and reporting

Experience-driven solutions for high performing financial institutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential element of success in today’s challenging, fast-paced marketplace. Mastering CRM software can vastly improve your win rates and overall sales velocity.

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and get ready for custom reports, dashboards, and analytics. From sales and loan origination reports to credit administration dashboards and smart customer analytics, Pipedrive offers all the tools you need to boost your performance and keep everything organized.

With an integrated sales stack (including sales, marketing, loan origination, credit and finance tools) everyone in your organization can use the same accurate data to make their decisions — from the frontline salespeople all the way up to the board of directors.

Everyone is focused on what’s important when they should be thinking about who’s right. Using Pipedrive as a financial services enhancement tool gives you access to the objective data you need to solve problems as they arise.

Embracing the uniqueness of each financial institution

Every segment of the financial services industry is unique. Wealth management, insurance, mortgage and banking each have their own unique products, pricing models, pipelines, reporting standards, applications and workflows.

At Pipedrive, we understand just how important it is to have a tool you can customize to fit the way you work, rather than changing your routine to fit your CRM — and the financial services industry, with its huge amount of variability, is the perfect example of that philosophy in action.

Our clients have taught us that financial institutions need help to get used to a new CRM, to save time, and engage their sales teams. That’s why we prioritize offering hands-on support throughout the process, ensuring that every organization can make full use of Pipedrive’s suite of powerful features, many of which were specifically designed by financial institutions to meet their needs.

Raw data doesn’t tell you the complete story of your revenue performance, but our interactive reports and dashboards do.

Our reports and dashboards have been designed by hundreds of other financial institutions. Data comes from Pipedrive and all the systems and apps in your sales stack. Our reports and dashboards have been designed to optimize sales management, coaching and forecasting.

What is Pipedrive for financial services?

Explore your results from every angle

Drill down into our custom reporting feature for a 360-degree view of your funnel, including leads, accounts, opportunities, renewals, upsells, contacts and more. With interactive reporting, you can start at the top and then delve into the details to understand exactly where and why deals succeed or come up short. You can visualize funnels by company, product lines, time periods or individual roles to spot trends — and with at-a-glance comparisons of performance against set goals, you can see exactly how your results stack up.

Pipedrive has partnered with Performance Insights.

Performance Insights has been partnering with financial institutions for 22 years. We’re the largest reseller and systems integrator of Pipedrive in the world, and we’ve developed a number of different best practice Pipedrive configurations, along with additional features and functionality designed for wealth management, insurance, mortgage and banking. Our configurations (among them filters, profiles, pipelines, products, reporting and workflows) have been built from the ground up to save time, improve the user experience and enhance sales effectiveness and productivity. Now, Performance Insights is partnering with Pipedrive to introduce Pipedrive for Financial Services.

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Join our family of 100+ financial clients

Is Pipedrive for financial services a fit for you?

Every financial institution is unique, which is why Pipedrive for Financial Services has been designed for multiple financial services market segments.

Pipedrive for Financial Services is a fit if
  • Your company has more than five CRM users. We can have the most impact with banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, wealth managers/financial advisors, insurance agencies and a wide variety of fintechs with a budget for custom configuration, sales stack integration, app integration and custom reporting.
  • Your CRM needs include hands-on, dedicated professional services like pipeline and workflow configuration, on-going support, administration and training.
  • You’re looking for a partner with over 20 years of best practice experience with financial institutions to help guide you through the CRM process.
  • You are looking for a partner that has successfully completed hundreds of innovative CRM installations and has an API connector library for hundreds of systems and apps.
Pipedrive for Financial Services is not a fit if
  • Your company has less than five CRM users and doesn’t need hands-on help with pipeline and workflow configurations, installation services, or on-going support, administration and training.
  • You can only pay monthly or by credit card. Pipedrive for Financial Services bills annually and requires payment via check or ACH.
  • You don’t do business in English.

Listen to what our customers are saying

Pipedrive is setting new performance standards for financial services


Pipedrive users report that their installation and training was 100% on time.
50% of installations are done in less than one week.

Sales Goal Attainment

Users report a 36% increase in goal attainment once they begin using Pipedrive.

Total Cost of Ownership

Pipedrive users report 62% less TCO after switching their CRM.

Employee Engagement

Pipedrive users report that their employees are more engaged and they have 78% greater utilization than with their previous CRM system.


On average, Pipedrive users report a 100% ROI in the first six months.

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