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How a CRM solution boosts your sales - and why so many of the fastest growing and most efficient financial institutions rely on Pipedrive for financial services.

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Organizations of all sizes from all areas of the financial services industry are using Pipedrive to improve their sales performance, ranging from leaders in the banking industry like Umpqua Bank, BBVA Compass, Park Sterling Bank, First South Bank, First Federal Bank and Spring Valley Bank & Trust to companies like Financial Pacific Leasing and The Insurance Center, with its over 200 life & health and property & casualty agents.

Commercial/Business Bankers
Insurance Agents
Wealth Management
SBA Lending
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I was first introduced to Pipedrive over 3 years ago, studied the system, introduced it to my team and we have been utilizing it for the last two years. It is the most intuitive, easy to use, CRM system I have ever worked with. The functionality is outstanding; you can track your performance as well as your team members, keep on top of your contacts, your active credit facilities and much more. Once you have taken Pipedrive for a test spin, you won’t ever want to use another CRM system.”
Sean P. McCulloch,
Commercial Loan Officer
Ventura County Credit Union

How to gain an unfair advantage

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is essential to succeed in today’s exciting but challenging marketplace. Those who master the use of CRM software can vastly improve their closure rates, far surpassing competitors who “stay organized” with paper notes and spreadsheets alone. At financial institutions, using Pipedrive for Financial Services gives the following benefits:

Things are easier through the elimination of all spreadsheets and the provision of ‘finger-tip’ reporting

Everyone in the organization, from a sales rep to the board of directors, is using the same accurate data and metrics that matter to make decisions

Everyone is focused on what’s important instead of who’s right

Frontline sales managers are managing and coaching with more confidence

To understand why Pipedrive for Financial Services is highly suited to the needs of financial institutions of all kinds, let’s start with the basics.

What is Pipedrive for financial services

Pipedrive for financial services is a CRM software for sales pipeline management, guiding and tracking all your relationships with customers and prospects. It keeps track of where every potential deal stands at every stage of your sales pipeline and allows you to organize all of your sales activities from prospecting to underwriting and ultimately closing.

Pipedrive for financial services can be easily customized and configured for all aspects of banking, insurance, leasing, mortgage, credit and underwriting in multiple languages and multiple currencies based on best practices from over 370 financial institutions. Best practices include the best workflow (stages and statuses) to optimize sales velocity, sales pipeline momentum and throughput. You will also gain access to a comprehensive library of key performance indicators (KPIs) and sales benchmarks for various financial services.

To deliver Pipedrive for financial services we partner with Performance Insights who, for the past two decades, have carried out proprietary research with hundreds of the best financial institutions in the US – collecting data, improving sales processes, developing benchmarks and best practices, and understanding the nuances of sales execution.

Learn more about Performance Insights.

How it works

The heart of Pipedrive for Financial Services is, of course, Pipedrive. It ties together the other modules and helps your sales team become more organized. Pipedrive CRM, with its focus on visual sales pipeline management, is aimed at helping your team focus on the actions that matter. Pipedrive for financial services consists of 4 modules in addition to integrating with most popular 3rd party financial services systems, including core processors, loan origination, agency management, leasing, HR incentive management, and investment systems.

Lead Manager

Provides state-of-the-art campaign management. It imports leads (in any format) from social media to purchased lead lists, schedules them, tracks them through every stage of Pipedrive, and provides a wide variety of lead reports and analytics.

Loan (Lease | Mortgage) Tracker

Keeps your clients informed and engaged during the entire sales cycle. Monitoring Pipedrive and the loan origination system, Loan Tracker pushes information and email or text alerts to your relationship managers and customers when any status changes to save them time and keep them engaged, reducing the time-to-close and withdrawal rates.

Performance Navigator

Integrates data from Pipedrive, your core processor, loan origination system, HR system as well as incentive system and completely automates your sales reports, call reports, pipeline reports, scorecards, executive dashboards and sales analytics (trending, stack ranking, charts, etc.). It is designed for sales executives and frontline salespeople.

Referral Network Manager

Internal referrals are important to any financial institution. Pipedrive Referral Network routes referrals to the right person and then tracks them through every stage of Pipedrive. Routing rules, escalation rules and exception rules can be tailored to your organization.

Interactive reports & dashboards

Pipedrive for financial services can be configured with automated and cascaded reports, dashboards and analytics to the hierarchy of your sales organization.  Reports and dashboards can cascade from the frontline to senior executives with data from Pipedrive and other sales systems. 

Easy, convenient, intuitive

Pipedrive was created by salespeople, for salespeople. It is effortless and intuitive to learn and easy to use. It is designed to work seamlessly with other software, including email. And wherever you are, native mobile apps keep your finger on the pulse.

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Pipedrive for financial services | Pipedrive
Pipedrive for financial services | Pipedrive