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CRM in banking

Customer relationship management (CRM) software gives banks 360-degree visibility of their leads and customers, helping them to make informed decisions and build stronger, more valuable relationships.

Discover how the right CRM platform can empower you to provide personalized customer experiences at scale.

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What is a CRM in banking?

CRM software gives banks and financial institutions a holistic view of their leads and customers, recording key details and activities across the buyer journey.

These insights allow management teams, sales reps and marketers to meet the increasingly complex needs of buyers without sacrificing the efficiency benefits of scale.

Understand your audience, provide product recommendations and deliver customer service that builds lasting trust and loyalty with Pipedrive today.

Increased productivity

Automate repetitive everyday tasks. Focus on delivering great products and meet your customers’ ever-evolving needs.

High-quality customer service

Standardize audience data across your organization. Streamline customer service processes and raise quality levels in every customer-facing department.

Personalized marketing campaigns

Uncover audience insights to build targeted marketing campaigns. Generate high-value leads with personalized experiences.

What to look for in a banking CRM platform

Your customers expect a personalized experience. Fail to deliver and they’ll bank elsewhere. The right tools will help you engage your audience, address customer needs and deliver services that build trust.

Pipedrive has advanced sales CRM features and add-ons to help you at every stage of the customer journey, from building brand awareness to turning banking customers into loyal advocates.

Centralized email and communications

Centralize prospect and customer communication to engage and nurture high-value leads. Never miss a sales or trust-building opportunity.


Build sales processes that fit your activities and goals with custom pipelines. See and act on the KPIs that matter most to your organization.

Campaigns by Pipedrive

Craft attention-grabbing email campaigns to grow your customer base. Save time with a drag-and-drop email builder, templates and segmentation options.

Workflow automation

Automate administrative tasks and spend your valuable time nurturing leads and delivering bespoke customer experiences

Insights and reports

Access CRM data in easy-to-digest and highly customizable sales reports and dashboards

Chatbot and Live Chat

Engage prospects quickly and efficiently online with the convenient Chatbot and Live Chat features in the LeadBooster add-on

6 ways that banking CRM software can help you achieve your goals

CRM in the banking sector is about more than just capturing and storing audience data. The best CRM systems help you turn data into actionable insights, so you can quickly make decisions that improve customer satisfaction and increase profits.

Here are some of the sales and marketing tasks you can accomplish with Pipedrive as your CRM, in retail banking, investment banking or any other part of the finance sector.

Maximize productivity with powerful integrations

Without the right tools, balancing growth with a great customer experience drains time and resources.

Close deals faster, get more leads and maintain valuable customer relationships with help from the Pipedrive Marketplace, home to hundreds of third-party apps.

Here are six essential integrations and add-ons for anyone using Pipedrive CRM in investment banking or retail banking.


Add advanced calling capabilities to Pipedrive and centralize all phone operations in a single interface with CallHippo integration.


Track, prioritize and solve customer support interactions with Zendesk’s ticketing system, then sync customer data with your CRM using the Pipedrive-Zendesk integration.


Align sales and marketing with Slack’s slick communication platform and use the Dealbot for Slack app to automatically share important deal information.


Synchronize Pipedrive with your other marketing apps to share data automatically using the Zapier integration.


Find outbound leads, engage website visitors and build valuable customer relationships with Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on.


Pool sales performance data from countless sources into custom Pipedrive dashboards for easy visualization with Plecto integration.

How Mybanker got organized and tripled the size of its sales team using Pipedrive and Plecto

Financial services firm Mybanker used Plecto to keep their sales performance data transparent but relied on spreadsheets to track customer relationships. That made monitoring the finer details difficult.

Pipedrive’s custom fields feature allowed Mybanker’s sales team to map their workflow and get organized.

Having a clearly defined sales method helped Mybanker triple its sales team in just half a year.

“With the help of visual tools like Plecto and Pipedrive, we are able to have all the essential data we need at our fingertips so we can focus on the activities that close deals.”

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Know your audience and build meaningful customer relationships

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