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Coming soon: Smart Docs add-on

Speed-up document creation by up to 50% with Smart Docs

Smart Docs is a Pipedrive toolset that streamlines and automates how sales teams create, send, manage and sign quotes, proposals and contracts – helping them to close deals faster. Starting at $39 per company per month (billed monthly), or $32.50 per company per month (billed annually) you can get Smart Docs to:

  • Auto-fill documents with Pipedrive data
  • Track open documents in real-time
  • Sign documents electronically
  • Create templates and share them across the company
  • Remove the Pipedrive logo
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Google Drive support
OneDrive support
PDF format support for sending, tracking and signing documents
Google Slides/Sheets support

Create quotes in a flash

With Smart Docs, you can create document templates and automatically populate them with info from your product catalog or any Pipedrive field, allowing you to:

  • Speed up your quote creation by 30%
  • Eliminate human error
  • Put an end to copy-pasting

Learn how Leyout more than halved tool costs with Pipedrive Smart Docs:

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Strike while the deal is hot

Step into your prospect’s shoes by sending them trackable documents: You will receive notifications once your prospect opens the document so you can follow up at the right time and close deals faster.

Seal the deal with eSignatures

Save money on eSignature software with Smart Docs! Our eSignatures feature lets your customers sign documents electronically without printing files or downloading plugins.

By removing the hassle of using a third-party tool, you’ll make your customers and your life easier and close that deal much faster.

You can also remove the Pipedrive logo to support brand authority.

Improve team collaboration

Spare your team the tedious process of learning how to use a new tool by providing them with easy, immediate access to all team-shared documents and templates. Simply configure templates and share them with your teammates via your preferred business solution, whether it’s Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets or One Drive.

How Leyout more than halved tool costs

Swedish startup, Leyout, helps small and medium sized e-commerce companies optimize their online stores. After trying every document management solution they could find, switching to Pipedrive Smart Docs has helped the company significantly reduce costs and triple efficiency.

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Can’t tell you how much praise I’ve heard from our sales team and directors about having an integrated quotation system within Pipedrive though – congrats to you and your team! They’ve gone on and on about how easy it is to quote customers now.

Kieron PurverRotech machines

Use Pipedrive’s comprehensive solution to centralize your entire documentation process and close deals in half the time.