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How Key Search made its workflow 40% faster

Key Search is a boutique Executive Search firm with a unique track record in hiring top executives for well-known brands and startups in the digital space.

  • Industry: Recruitment
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Key feature: Automations


Number of automations implemented


Key Search’s workflow has sped up with Pipedrive


Number of team members at Key Search

The problem the company faced

Six years ago, before switching to Pipedrive, Key Search was using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platform. As well as finding it outdated and difficult to use, the team couldn’t customize the data to show what they really needed.

In addition, since much of the work the team does is repetitive, they needed a solution that would speed up their workflows and make things more uniform and consistent for the team across the board.

The problem with a lot of ATS software is that it gives you the data it thinks is interesting which doesn’t necessarily align with our needs. For instance, the software will tell you about ‘time to hire’, which is okay, but I don't need really need this information. What I really need is to find out how much revenue the company is making.
Since a lot of the work we do here is repetitive, we needed a way to make our work processes more automated and coherent across the company. In the past, one person would write a note to move a lead to the next stage and another person would write a reminder to fill in something. Having one person and then another making notes wasn’t efficient.

Franziska Palumbo-SeidelCEO and Founder

How Pipedrive provides a solution

After looking at several different solutions, including a number of CRMs, Key Search chose Pipedrive based on its excellent customer support, easy customization and mobile friendliness.

Since transitioning, the team uses Pipedrive for everything including candidate pipelines for recruitment purposes, invoicing, relationship management with referral partners, candidate management, client management, revenue forecasts and marketing. They also use Pipedrive API Integrations with different tools like PandaDoc and Make (formerly Integromat).

Pipedrive helps them with repetitive tasks through Automations. In fact, Key Search has implemented over one hundred automations making their workflow over 40% faster.

Pipedrive adapts well to what we need and I like that. Unlike other CRM solutions, it fits our needs and doesn’t force us to simply conform to what it can provide. Compared to other CRM systems I looked at, I think that the Pipedrive mobile app is by far the best. Other CRM systems just lag in comparison.
Pipedrive helps us with repetitive work. It gives us a little nudge and reminders on what to do. When we made the switch to Pipedrive, the time saving was immediately there, for sure, and revenue is up as well due to increased productivity.

Franziska Palumbo-SeidelCEO and Founder

Key Search’s unique way of using Pipedrive

Whereas most recruitment agencies send out cookie-cutter job descriptions to candidates, thanks to Pipedrive Integrations, Key Search sends out personalized documentation and emails to candidates. Communication with each candidate highlights their skills and experience, explaining why they would be a good potential fit for a position.

So instead of just sending out a job description to a candidate, ours says something very personalized like, ‘Dear Michael, we love your experience at (their company)’. We also use things like, ‘because you have X amount of years experience’, or ‘your current job title is X’. This is what makes how we use Pipedrive so special: personalization. Plus, it looks super nice! We’ve received a lot of positive feedback because of it.

Franziska Palumbo-SeidelCEO and Founder

I think that without Pipedrive, we would not have grown so fast. We must hire additional consultants now because the system is getting bigger and we need more help!

Franziska Palumbo-SeidelCEO and Founder

The company's next steps

Key Search currently has sixteen people on their team and expects that to go up to eighteen very soon, with the help of Pipedrive.

The team also plans on exploring additional features in Pipedrive, like email marketing campaigns.

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