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Pipedrive has Updated the Caller Feature

Stay on the line when it matters most with Pipedrive’s updated Caller feature. Now you can choose to make a call from your Pipedrive desktop program or your smartphone quickly and easily.

Caller, which is available to customers on our Professional plan, allows you to make calls directly from the web or through a smartphone, allowing for fast call tracking, recording and insights all in one place: your Pipedrive account.

Choose to make calls from desktop or smartphone

Sales professionals need to be flexible with their time and stay contactable whether they’re at their desk or on the move.

We’ve updated Caller so that you can choose to make your live calls from your desktop or your smartphone.

There are many scenarios when you might need to choose between your phone and your computer for a call:

  • You need to leave for an external meeting but don’t want to miss a conversation with an important client or hot lead
  • You want to discuss sensitive information with a client and need to leave your desk to find a private space in the office
  • Your desk is in a noisy environment and you need to focus on the call in a quieter area
  • You need both hands free to take notes, check details and talk simultaneously, so can’t use one to hold your smartphone

Thanks to the new ability update, you can do all this and more.

How Caller works

Pipedrive Professional and Enterprise users don’t even need the Pipedrive mobile app to start using Caller.

If you want to transfer a call to your smartphone you just choose the deal or person to reach out to and then select the option to make the call on your mobile. Your mobile will then ring and when you pick it up it will connect you directly with the deal or person.

Even though the call is made through your phone, it will be charged to your Caller account and not to your phone contract provider.

Improved Caller functionality for a better experience on Pipedrive

We’ve also changed some of the functionality of Caller and how it will appear to users in Pipedrive.

Caller users will have:

  • A new entry point in every Deal and Contact view alongside Notes, Activity, Email, etc.
  • Different calling options before a call is made, so users can choose whether to make the call on mobile or web app and which of the numbers on their account to call from

Maintain control over your Caller credit

We’ve added a new top-up system to Caller.

Now you can add any amount to your Caller credit at any time and it’s there to be used until it runs out. This means that you can top up whenever you see your credit amount getting low, or you can add a set amount at the start of every week, month or quarter, giving you greater control over your budget.

Not a Pipedrive customer? You can trial Pipedrive and Caller for free on the Professional account for 14 days.

This article was published on March 16, 2020 Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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