The Best CRM Software for Insurance Agents

From monitoring contacts and policies to training sales reps, there’s a lot to manage in an insurance agency.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software enables insurance agencies to keep track of claims and run a smoother sales operation.

Pipedrive’s insurance CRM platform helps agents provide next-level customer experience and create lean, digitized workflows.

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What’s an insurance CRM system?

Insurance CRM software (customer relationship management) empowers you to run a smoother sales operation, manage new claims and make your insurance agents more productive, all while keeping a high-level overview of how every team is performing.

Why is a CRM important for insurance brokers?

Insurance companies rely on a financial services CRM solution like Pipedrive to build lean sales workflows and improve customer support. This allows them to remove high commission rates in pricing quotes, giving cash back to policyholders while remaining profitable. As a result, customers receive a fulfilling experience, boosting customer loyalty across your insurance business.

A strong insurance agency CRM also allows you to build a customizable sales pipeline to fit your company’s needs. Cut out stages that create unnecessary friction and tasks, providing a more streamlined case resolution process that empowers reps to close more deals.

To help manage every contact across your insurance business, create custom fields to record important information such as policy type and premium amounts. Get a complete overview of every customer touch-point and interaction from one place – no more digging through email inboxes to find important information. With Pipedrive, you’ll get the functionality to take your lead management and marketing automation to the next level.

Stay on top of every deal and renewal

It can be difficult to keep track of every case or deal when information is spread across multiple silos. This creates operational headaches and means customers receive a sub-par experience.

The best insurance CRMs help small and large businesses stay on top of every contact, claim and touch-point across your organization.

With Pipedrive’s all-in-one, cloud-based contact management solution, you can monitor each stage of the sales process, how many deals are unresolved and how your teams are performing from a single dashboard.

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Better prioritize your customer's needs

The longer it takes you to respond to leads and process claims, the more likely another firm will swoop in and impress your customers.

A CRM software solution allows you to keep all your contact information and communications in one place so you can respond to customers in record time.

With Pipedrive, reps know which customers have been assigned to them and when they need to respond to meet SLAs and outperform the insurance industry average.

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Streamline communications and boost productivity

Juggling several tools can be a pain. Not only does this create more steps when looking for information, but menial tasks like data input can be a huge time suck for you and your reps.

Make productivity a breeze by having your management system do the heavy lifting.

Pipedrive offers countless powerful integrations, such as automated document sending, SMS updates and Slack notifications to ensure every agent is kept in the loop.

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How does a CRM for insurance brokers work?

Unlike large corporations, insurance brokers have the advantage of being able to build relationships with customers as part of the sales process.

With a CRM, brokers can track insurance sales as a key metric while building customer relationships. Provide excellent communication, resolve claims quickly and boost customer retention by offering a better user experience.

Advantages of a CRM for insurance

Choosing an agency management system with the right CRM features for insurance will help your reps provide reliable customer communications, become more productive and follow up with customers in real time. A good insurance CRM will help you and your brokers:

  • Build a pipeline to fit your sales process and streamline case resolution

  • Record customer data such as policy type and amount for every contact

  • Get an overview of every contact and their communication history in the customer journey

  • Integrate with tools used across your insurance business and build workflow automations with Zapier

  • Automate document sending, SMS updates and Slack notifications to ensure every agent is kept in the loop

  • Track email activity, including opens and clicks, to see how your leads and customers are engaging with your business

How Pipedrive helped one health insurance company optimize its sales process

Before Pipedrive, German health insurance providers Leni, Leon & die Luchse relied on Gmail to manage all customer communications, which caused it to lose countless leads.

Using Pipedrive, the company built a pipeline to fit its current sales process, allowing it to collect important lead data from the very first touch-point. Leni, Leon & die Luchse now have a full overview of the status of every deal. The team is no longer held back by searching for lost emails and notes.

“Thanks to Pipedrive, our sales process has improved from a 2 out of 10 to a 9.2 out of 10!”

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How to set up your insurance CRM software

Follow these simple steps to create your insurance CRM with Pipedrive:

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Insurance CRM FAQs

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