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Solutions you'll find in this guide:
  • Organize and streamline your sales processes
  • Create and automate high-performing promotional campaigns
  • Warm up cold leads and push them to purchase
  • Generate and qualify high-quality leads
  • Simplify your CRM software
  • Improve task management across your team
Learn how to:
  • Get your listing set up
  • Negotiate like a boss
  • Accurately price a seller’s home
  • Close a sale
  • Conduct a foolproof comparative market analysis
  • Set up your real estate CRM

What is CRM for real estate agents?

Real estate sales professionals are 26.2% more productive when using a CRM.

When it comes to real estate sales, process is king. Real estate agents rely heavily on repeat business and networking opportunities, so a disorganized process leads to lost prospects and missed opportunities. CRM tools allow realtors to move clients through the sales funnel in a methodized way. They help agents stay on top of high communication volume, automate processes, boost relationships and quickly identify materials in one consolidated place.

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A real estate CRM is a realtor’s secret deal-closing weapon. It’s a way for top real estate sales professionals to stay organized, move tenants and prospective buyers down their sales funnel and, most importantly, close sales on properties. Find out all about Real Estate CRMs in our in-depth series.

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How Real Estate companies succeed with Pipedrive

Using Pipedrive is a good way to automate tasks. For example, when the clients sign a contract with us we need to ask for a lot of documents. With Pipedrive, we have exactly the files we need, so we don’t have to open each email to find them.

Stanislas AllauzenCo-Founder, PropiLib, full-service real estate agency
Stanislas Allauzen

In real estate, people are often in and out of the office and have monthly or quarterly deadlines for financial reporting. Therefore, there are certain sweet spots in terms of when to get in touch with them, and Pipedrive helps us take this into account when targeting them.

Justin ButterworthFounder & CEO, Snug, online renting platform
Justin Butterworth

Using Pipedrive and Autopilot made it possible to handle an exponential amount of work, and we were able to handle four times the amount of inbound business with the same human resources.

Matt DoyleChief Operating Officer, Intrnz, student housing company
Matt Doyle

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