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How a CRM solution boosts your real estate sales — and why Pipedrive is the answer

You can try Pipedrive for 14 days at absolutely no cost. There's no credit card needed, and no obligation to buy.

How Pipedrive helped a real estate company increase revenue by 15% in just 6 months

Real estate customer relationship management (CRM) is essential to succeed in today’s challenging, exciting marketplace. Those who master the use of CRM software can vastly improve their closure rates, far surpassing competitors who “stay organized” with paper notes and Excel spreadsheets alone.

“Consistent use of a real estate CRM can go a long way toward converting more prospects to clients and improving your business overall,” real estate digital pioneer says. says agents who learn to harness the power of real estate CRM solutions can expand their network and spheres of influence dramatically — and, along with it, their conversions.

To understand why Pipedrive’s CRM is highly suited to the needs of realtors, agents and property managers, let’s start with the basics.

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What is CRM for real estate agents?

Customer relationship management serves as a system for guiding and tracking all your relationships with customers — be they prospects, buyers or sellers. Real estate CRM software automates this, keeping track of where every potential deal stands at every stage of your pipeline. It allows you to organize all of your sales activities — from cold calls to meetings to signings.

Necessary for real estate management

Working in real estate, you know relationships are everything. Good relationships can give you a head start on a new property before it’s listed. Good relationships can also help you work out what’s a fair price, and gauge what’s hot and what’s really not.

But importantly, great relationships bring word-of-mouth advertising - a powerful lead generator.

To maximize your relationships, you need to check in frequently, catching up, providing ideas and sharing potential properties with clients. You need the right information, at the right time, at your fingertips — be that available properties, active and potential clients, neighborhoods and more. And you need to be doing all that for as many of the right clients as possible.

How can you keep track of it all? By using an excellent real estate CRM — one that’s easily customizable for your specific needs.

How it works

Pipedrive pulls everything together into one organized system, delivering the information you need at a moment’s notice — so you can, too.

Expect a listing to hit the market?

Just input the information, and our real estate management software will remind you when it’s time. It will also pull up all related information you’ve collected about the property and any potential buyers who might take an interest.

Finish a cold call with a potential seller?

Just click a button on your computer or phone, and Pipedrive will advance the prospect to the next stage of your funnel, and remind you when it’s time to take the next step.

Have a client meeting scheduled?

Pipedrive will pull up your notes on the client, so everything you need is top-of-mind.

Beware of many CRMs

Unfortunately, many CRMs weren’t designed to work for small businesses. They’re too complicated, tedious to collaborate through, packed with useless functions that slow everything down and can take months just to learn how to use. Instead of speeding up your day, they have the opposite effect. In real estate, every minute matters. The last thing you have time for is wrestling with technology. In designing Pipedrive, we set out to create the best possible tool to organize all aspects of real estate sales, including contact management and lead tracking.

Beautiful visuals

As a real estate agent, you know how much aesthetics matter. We do, too. We often think of our CRM software as being like a home for your work activities. So we’ve designed the Pipedrive platform with superior visuals.

To meet your annual quotas, you need to know at any given moment how well you’re doing, and which areas need the most work. So we automatically create clear, precise, colorful charts and graphics to make that information easy to see and quick to comprehend.

Join the community

We think of Pipedrive users as a community. So we regularly provide content aimed at helping you do your job, with experts providing guidance on everything from sales forecasting tips to prospecting tactics to mastering smart work.

You can try Pipedrive for 14 days at absolutely no cost. There’s no credit card needed, and no obligation to buy.