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Choosing the right CRM platform

Let's point out a few things to consider when choosing the right CRM for you and your sales team.

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Common sales team struggles

Choosing the right CRM platform not only helps you drive your entire sales process, it makes your life easier. It also must address your sales teams’ most pressing issues.

In a survey by B2B Marketing, sales professionals from different companies were asked about their biggest complaints.

A never-ending and confusing series of contacts.

Lack of motivation once a sales target has been reached.

Struggle to follow up with prospects and not drop the ball.

Resistance to using a large and overly-complex CRM platform.

Increase sales and ease your burden

These are valid concerns – we know, because we’re salespeople just like you. We developed our cloud-based CRM platform to help us meet and exceed our sales goals. Why?

Because there was nothing out there that really met the needs of small and mid-sized companies with big ambitions.

Reduces admin work

Manual data entry is a thing of the past, or at least it should be. With the right tool, you’ll have to do less data handling, and have more time to sell.

Easy to use and set-up

Instead of being a weekly reporting platform, sales management software should be an easy one-stop-shop for all your sales tracking needs.

Unifies all tools

Having a single, streamlined view of your sales process gives clarity, and gets your team on the same page. Supporting apps and integrations is also a must.

Fully customizable

Flexible sales management systems that are easy to adjust yourself are the best way to mold the perfect software for your business. The less complicated it is to change, the easier it is to personalize.

Available on the go

Mobile access is crucial when you’re actively selling. CRM apps make sales management on the move easy and simple, and it’s even tougher for information to fall through the cracks.

Designed for salespeople

Salespeople need software designed for their trade. While using regular CRMs can work, the real magic happens when you use tools that were built to drive sales and manage leads.

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What you can measure, you can improve

The Pipedrive CRM platform gives you something else too – it provides instantaneous metrics that let you easily and accurately track your sales process:

Number of deals in your pipeline.

The actual dollar value of each deal.

What percentage of deals are closing.

The average time a deal stays in the sales pipeline.

Put Pipedrive to the ultimate test

A light-touch sales CRM built for minimum input and maximum output. With our simple, intuitive software there’s no 200 page list of functions, and no two day training required. Just log in, fill up your pipeline and start selling with a product designed to make selling beautiful.

Put Pipedrive to the test